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An Introduction to stopping Smoking

Before you look at the options available to help you stop smoking it is a good idea to revisit exactly WHY you should stop smoking. The most important factor, regardless of which method you use, is willpower. Giving up smoking is not going to be easy. Maybe you have tried to quit more than once before. There is no substitute for the determined state of mind that you are never going to smoke again. The products on this website will definitely be able to assist you in your efforts to become a non-smoker but you need to have the correct 'I want to stop smoking' mind-set.Clinical tests involving the products available to help you stop smoking have provided various statistics that show you how they increase your chances of stopping smoking. It is commonly accepted that these methods double your chances to quit smoking. But what these tests often cannot measure is the level of commitment of the participants. People have different breaking points. Some may cave-in at the first hurdle while others remain resolute to the last. We are all made differently so we cannot always expect a uniform response to the same stimuli. It is not always necessary, or helpful, to blindly quote the statistics and data available on each product. What you want to know is what these methods can do for your chances to quit smoking. The answer is that, provided you are committed to quitting, all of these products will give you a better chance of giving up smoking than if you tried quitting 'cold-turkey'. They supplement and facilitate your desire to stop smoking. They also provide you with programmes to help you plan your path towards a non-smoking future. Which product is best suited to help you quit is a matter of personal choice. This website provides you with enough information to make an informed decision. First, however, let us return to the question of why you want to consign your smoking habit to the past.