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Isn't it Really Expensive to Quit Smoking?

Well cost is relative concept. The money you spend on stop smoking products may seem like a lot but try to think of all the money you currently spend on cigarettes every week, month or year. You probably do not even realise how much you spend on cigarettes because you automatically put that money aside as a 'necessity'. Smoking, however, is not a 'necessity' at all. Millions of people go through life without spending a cent on cigarettes and they are much healthier for it. Does it not seem strange that you waste so much money on a habit that is so harmful to you and your family? Put it this way. What price do you put on your health?Let us say, for arguments sake, that it costs you $5 for a packet of cigarettes. If you smoke two packs a day then you would spend $70 a week on cigarettes. After a month you have spent about $300 on your smoking habit. The yearly total for your smoking habit would be $3650. Now imagine having an extra $3650 to spend every year! Remember that if you smoke you are paying this amount each and every year until you quit. Then there is the constant price increases because tobacco products are heavily taxed. And if you smoke your health insurance premiums will be higher.Then you have to consider the cost of medical treatment if you develop emphysema, lung cancer or any other debilitating illness because of smoking. This will cost you both in terms of finances and your quality of life. You only have one life to live and any reduction in your life expectancy seems a terrible price to pay for smoking. If you take a rational, detached view of the smoking habit and ask yourself "is it worth it?" the answer will invariably be "No!"