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Won't I Put on Weight if I Quit Smoking?

There is a tendency for many people who stop smoking to experience slight weight gain. The average weight gain is about 2 kg although in many cases this may only be temporary. It depends on the smoker. Obviously, if you live a sedentary lifestyle then your chances of putting on weight will be greater. The more active you are then the less susceptible you are to this sort of weight gain.There are a number of reasons why people may put on weight once they stop smoking. Whether it is because people do not eat while they smoke or because nicotine suppresses appetite, the result is the same. When they quit smoking people often eat more because they replace cigarettes with the oral gratification of food, which in many cases now tastes better because they stopped smoking. If you experience anxiety or depression once you stop smoking then this can lead to greater food consumption as well. On a more physiological level, your metabolism will burn up fewer calories when you stop smoking. This is actually the result of your metabolism returning to a healthier status. The nicotine from cigarettes produced thermogenesis in your body and stimulated the nervous system to increase your metabolic rate. The fact is that you could eat the same amount as you did when you smoked and you may still gain weight.If you know that there is a chance that you will gain weight once you quit smoking then you can take steps to minimize the chances of this occurring. Getting regular exercise or changing to low-calorie, low-fat food will certainly help. Dietary supplements like the products available on this website can also be useful.