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Nicotrol Gum

Nicotrol Gum is rebranded Nicorette Gum , this means that Nicotrol Gum is exactly the same gum as Nicorette Gum, manufactured by the same company, but using a different brand name, hence Nicotrol Gum.

Why does a company rebrand a product to Nicotrol Gum from Nicorette Gum , especially when Nicorette Gum is so widely recognised ? The reason is that in New Zealand, there is a Government sponsored organisation called The Quit Group. The Government funds this initiative because it realises that it saves money and lives by encouraging people to quit smoking. Otherwise the long term cost of caring for sick and dying smokers is a huge drain on any country's resources so, comparatively, it is much cheaper to encourage people to stop smoking. One of the most important facets of The Quit Group's battle against smoking is 'Quitline'. Smokers can ring up 'Quitline', a free telephone service that is available 24-hours a day, and get advice and support in their efforts to stop smoking. They can also get a subsidised voucher, or exchange card, that is posted out to them. This voucher means that they can get their initial four-week supply of nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) gum for only five New Zealand Dollars. They present this voucher at a pharmacy and they get the subsidized gum at the greatly discounted price. They may also be eligible for a second four-week supply of gum to help them to complete their stop smoking programme. The whole programme works by making the means to quit smoking available to every smoker, regardless of their socio-economic status.

So what does the New Zealand Government and subsidised NRT gum have to do with Nicorette gum being rebranded as Nicotrol gum? Every three years the New Zealand Government accepts tenders on which manufacturer's gum they will distribute as part of the 'Quitline' programme. In this case, the successful tender belonged to Pfizer. Pfizer has recently bought Pharmacia who produce Nicorette Gum. So Pfizer are using the Nicotrol Gum brand to differentiate the gum which is Government-subsidised from the already established Nicorette brand. Nicotrol Gum can be sold at a substantially lower price than Nicorette branded gum. The different brand enables Pfizer to cater to a different end of the market. Those who want Nicorette Gum because it is the brand that they are accustomed to can still purchase it. Nicotrol Gum, which is the same product as Nicorette Gum, can be subsidized and marketed by the New Zealand government for consumers who have not developed loyalty to a particular brand and are more cost-conscious in their outlook.

Nicotrol Gum works the same manner as other kinds of NRT gum, by helping a smoker wean him or herself off nicotine gradually over time. Nicotrol gum provides an alternative source of nicotine that is far less damaging to their health than smoking. Each cigarette contains over 4000 chemicals, many of which are toxic to humans. Nicotrol Gum offers ex-smokers relief from the nicotine cravings that may thwart their efforts to prevent a return to smoking.

Nicotine withdrawal occurs when you stop smoking and you no longer receive the nicotine that you used to obtain through cigarettes. Irritability, anxiety, mild depression, trouble sleeping or concentrating, and mood swings are just some of the unpleasant symptoms that can manifest themselves during nicotine withdrawal. The physical symptom of this condition may include physical symptoms such as sweating, headaches, or intestinal discomfort. This is why many people find it so difficult to quit smoking 'cold turkey', without the assistance of NRT.

Each packet of Nicotrol Gum contains 105 pieces of gum. It is available in two different strengths: Regular, which has a strength of 2mg, and Extra Strength, which is 4mg gum. Both strengths of Nicotrol Gum are available in Classic (plain) and Mint flavours.

Nicotrol Gum offers a great degree of flexibility to your NRT stop smoking programme. You can take a piece of gum whenever you most need it to alleviate the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. The chew and 'park' technique ensures that the nicotine in the gum is quickly transferred into your system. When you use Nicotrol Gum other people probably will not even know that you are not chewing standard gum.


Nicotrol Gum 2mg is recommended for those who smoke less than 20 cigarettes a day. The 4mg extra strength gum is recommended for those who smoke more that 20 cigarettes a day.

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Please Note: If you would like a combination of flavours when ordering multiple packets of gum then mention this in the comments section of your order.

2mg Mint Nicotrol Gum

4mg Mint Nicotrol Gum

2mg Classic Nicotrol Gum

4mg Classic Nicotrol Gum

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